I think too often we ignore how we feel. We ignore our own feeling nature in deference to what looks like or appears to be the next best thing. We decide and act and move in a certain direction because it makes sense…in the world of things it makes sense. But what about how it feels?

Some years ago after my first job as a minister in Durham had ended, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Before I could really uncover the answer, an opportunity to work as a Project Manager at New Hanover County Schools was literally dropped in my lap. Renee and I talked about it and decided it would be a good choice at the time. I never checked in with how I felt about it. It just seemed like a good next thing. I started in May and I resigned that same year after Christmas break. I knew on the first day that it wasn’t the job for me. It was the feeling that wasn’t right. It had nothing to do with the job or the people or the salary.

Genuine feelings reveal the wisdom of the soul. But we have to take the time to feel them and to understand the guidance they offer. Genuine feelings arise from the deepest part of us. They carry a vibration and a sense of knowing that cannot be found elsewhere.

As you make choices, especially in these trying times, check in with how you feel about it. You can even ask the Universe, God, Spirit Guides…is this the right path for me? Is this the right way to go? Be still and trust what you hear. Let the wisdom of your soul bring you clarity. Feel it!

And always remember to breathe.
Much love to you

If you want a musical inspiration, and I hope you do, check out Nina Simone right here.