How We Serve

A key aspect of our mission is stated this way: We serve by offering our unconditional love, kindness, acceptance, financial support, time and skills to those in need, and in the process we elevate our own consciousness.

It’s clear — A central principle of Spiritual Soul Center is serving others. We don’t have to look far to realize the impact we can make by offering our unique talent, our abundant resources and our kindness to others.

There are many ways to serve. In a very real sense, simply by coming together with the intention to grow spiritually is a great service to the world. Our services, our meditations, our Small Groups and Soul Sessions are ways we serve ourselves, each other and the larger community.

Another way we serve is by tithing a portion of the Spiritual Soul Center income to organizations or causes that promote healing, peace, compassion and love in the world. Our goal is to be able to give fifty percent of our income at Spiritual Soul Center to do exactly this. We are starting by offering ten percent of our income. As we get stronger financially that percentage will increase.

We also serve by participating in our community in a way that provides significant help to people who need support. In 2018, we will identify a number of projects we would like to support with our time and energy. For those who can do this, the rewards will be significant.

It will be up to you. How do you want to participate? What do you want to offer?

It doesn’t matter that we don’t have a million dollars to give…or that we are just getting started as a spiritual community. We give because it is our inherent nature to give. We give because we recognize there is One Source in the universe and that Source is unlimited…and the more we open to it the more it flows through us.

We are building momentum! Spiritual Soul Center will become known for our service to others. Together we will make a big difference.