How do you know if this is the place for you? Will it be a good fit? Take just a minute and read through these statements.
Then check your heart. You’ll know.

Core Principles

We have five Core Principles that guide our vision.

  1. There is One Source, One Mind, One Life in the Universe and It is Good. It is the Unformed Substance that underlies all of Creation. It is known by many names. We call it God. God is All There Is.
  2. Each living being is a unique expression of God with unlimited potential and the inherent capacity for the perfect expression of love, peace, compassion, kindness, acceptance, joy and humility.
  3. We have the power to choose how we experience life. Life is lived from the inside out.
  4. Prayer and meditation open us up to the Divine Flow of Life. It is how we can experience God.
  5. Living the spiritual principles we know is essential. It is how we grow and transform consciousness.

Core Practices

We have seven Core Practices or Values that help us achieve our vision.

  1. Meditation and Prayer
  2. Affirmative Living
  3. Spiritual Growth
  4. Spiritual Community
  5. Common Ground
  6. Passionate Service
  7. Open Hearted and Generous Giving

The Bottom Line

At Spiritual Soul Center we are seeking to know this — How can I best live a spiritual life in the midst of this human experience on the planet right now?

We draw wisdom and guidance from spiritual masters, ancient mystics and gurus, contemporary writers and speakers and from people just like you and me. You will find the teachings and wisdom of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Vivekananda, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, Rumi, Deepak Chopra, Don Miguel Ruiz, Eric Butterworth, Jack Kornfield, Mark Nepo, Pema Chödrön…and many more.

We offer no creed and no theology. We require no obligation to a specific set of rules. We invite you to unlock your spiritual potential by practicing universal Truth principles and by offering your unique soul in service to our community and to the world.