The murder of George Floyd has ignited a range of feelings. Many of us wonder what we can do…how we can engage meaningfully. I’ve been thinking about this for myself, as well as what it looks like in the big picture. Here are my thoughts.

In this time there are those of us who must uncover the truth and those who must at the same time hold a spiritual foundation in place. Those who must disrupt and expose and those who must be the roots. Those who must shine the light and those who must build the bridge. Those who struggle for every breath and those who must lead with strength and determination. Those who must sit and listen to understand and those who must teach with compassion…lessons we might by now have learned long ago.

Let the pain move you to be who you are meant to be in this world at this time. You cannot be everything. Nor can you expect that from others. Really, you cannot be any other than who you are born to be. So know what that is, and be that in its fullness.

It requires that you know yourself…that you answer this question over and over again in your life, in every situation and in all circumstances….how am I to be, what is mine to do? It is too easy to get caught up in the moment rather than to inspired by it. To be inspired is to be moved by love…it is your greatest power. To get caught up in it is to be moved by fear…the lowest and most sinister vibration.

Let the very presence of the Divine Creative Life Force in you guide you and inspire you as you engage in this world today and all days.

Much love