Surrender is not a dirty word. It doesn’t mean somebody else wins and I lose. The surrender I am talking about is a spiritual practice that allows me to experience peace and ease. It doesn’t mean the outside conditions in my life are necessarily peaceful and easy. It means my being, my self, is at ease regardless of what is happening. Surrender is the practice of bringing this self into as many moments in my life as possible.

Resisting what happens is the cause of suffering and the opposite of surrender. Somehow, trying to make something that is…not so…causes anger, fear and judgment in me. I get anxious, I feel unheard, I want it fixed…and right away. Can you feel the tension in all of that? Why would I choose to bring this tense energy into places where I really want the opposite to take hold?

Here’s one example. Practice surrendering to the fact that we don’t all agree…ever…on anything. Put simply: people disagree about everything. Realize that if you resist this fact (like resorting to communicating in all caps on social media and expecting that to make a difference) you will suffer and you will not be at peace within your own self. When you resist, the cosmic energy of love in you is blocked. When you resist, this most powerful ‘weapon’ is de-energized, out of commission and unavailable to you.

If you notice that something in the world requires your attention, your passion, your wisdom…please engage in the world. Engage from a place of surrender and allow the power of love to inform you and guide you. How? Answer this question: What would love do now?

Indeed, what would love do now?