When is the last time you trusted your gut feeling? Whatever you were about to decide, whatever you were about to do…well, it might have looked kind of crazy to others. Maybe it even felt a little crazy to you. All except at a deeper place, with a deeper sense, it was absolutely the next best step. Like, to not do it would have just been so wrong. Maybe it worked out the way you had planned or maybe it didn’t…but you never doubted it was the best move you could make at the time.

The enemies of trusting intuition are worry about what others think, worry about how it will work out and worry about not getting it right. You get it…worry. And because we slip so easily into worry, we have to practice trusting our intuition. How? By catching our self trying to figure it all out vs taking the one best next step. By catching our self planning for every contingency vs being open to a possibility we can’t quite see. By catching our self trying to make it happen vs allowing it to unfold.

Once we catch our self, we have an opportunity to act from a sense of ‘okay, I got this’…from a sense of trust, from a sense of how it feels. Even a bit of trust allows us to back away from the tension of getting it right or being embarrassed or called a fool…and instead to live in the sweet relief of being carried by God Itself.

The hesitation to trust our intuition is real, until grace drops through the veil, and we’re not afraid to start or to start over again.